An African Heart

An African Heart

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

March 20 letter to brothers

Guys, I have to email on tuesday now, so quit your whining!! But hey, in the 2012 Liahona, it has a fantastic and totally testimony building story on President Monson. READ IT!!! I promise, your testimony of the Prophet will sky rocket if you read that and pray about whether he's really a prophet or not. He says in it "There are no coincidences." What ancient, Kung Fu turtle does that sound like? (it's Oogwei... in case you don’t get it... but if you don't, I’m gonna punch you. Both.) 
STORYTIME!! On the streets, they sell these nasty little dried fish. They STINK!!!! I vowed, after smelling, that I would never eat them as long as I lived. Lo and behold, Mama Mary fed us them with ugali. BARF!!! It was so nasty, and my breath stank for hours. 
But a word to you both, we are going to the rescue when I return home. Thomas S. Monson said to visit the aged, handicapped, unnoticed, sick, etc. And I feel that we need to. As brothers, we could bring immense joy to soooo many people Ben and Dan. Not only that, when we were baptised, we promised something. Read in Mosiah 18:8-11 I think. We covenanted with the Almighty God. Now let's do it. We're going to visit nursing homes, less fortunate people, anybody who needs the hand of God in their lives, and I promise that we will feel greater joy than we ever have before because of it. We can do it guys. You two talk about it, and I want an answer as to whether you think you'll do it with me or not ok? 
I love you both. You are my eternal buddies :) We'll be racing to Jupiter in no time. Love you guys to death and beyond :) Stay strong, never waver standards, God always delivers. Stay strong in school. How did Jesus Christ teach most of the time? By example. Be leaders Ben and Daniel, by example. Then, others will naturally follow :) multitudes followed Jesus, and He didn't ask them to. He has asked you to follow, commanded even. And I know you both; you both have even more potential than me to be heroes. You two are my heroes. Ben and Dan and Conrad - protectors of the weak, and examples of the believers :)

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