An African Heart

An African Heart

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

March 20 letter to Mom

Hey soooo don't kill me, but! I am emailing on Tuesdays from now on, starting today. I didn't know til this week, so I am reeeeeally sorry I couldn't tell you last week. But I have some good news!! Persecution - waaaay less :) In fact, the Lord is turning things up in a great way. I am so happy, and life is just great :)
STORYTIME!!! We were walking with Brother Pius to Karin's home in Siumbwa, when we saw an obviously drunk man coming towards us. He spoke loudly and in not-English, and he was very touchy. Finally he is going to leave, so he shakes our hands, and leans in at me. Unphased because of the customary farewell/greetings, I didn't think anything of it. But then he KISSED ME on the neck!!! Twice!!!! UGH!!! As I am freaking out, pushing him away, my companion is cracking up hahaha and I can't blame him!! Then, the drunk man goes over to my companion and my companion runs away hahahahah wow!! He was waaaay too friendly... Drunk guys love us here :)
But as for things to send in the next package, could you maybe send that CD Jessie got me for Christmas? That MoTab CD? I think it was a brown cover. I never got the music from it. I can put it on here but I need the CD please :) But material wise, I am just dandy! I gave bubblegum to all the kids in the branch on Sunday and they were sooo happy. I would lean down and say "Sema tafadhali!" (say please!) and they'd be all shy and say, at .00001 decibels, "tafadhali". Then as they got it they'd jump around and then eat haha :) Happy kids!! The branch is prospering! The branch president, President Sitati is really trying to shape up our Priesthood, and so are we Elders. It's tough, but it can be done. 
I wash clothes Ethiopian style, did I tell you that? You'll see in the next 4 GB SD card. Did you get the 8 GB? It has ALOT on it :) 
Tell Fran and Auntie Lynn I said Asante sana because I looooved their emails. They rock so much :) 
Also, I know how to make porridge now. But in America, we call it malt-o-meal :) I never realized that was just maize meal! When I get home, I am going to make you guys ugali and sukuma wiki :) :) :) and chapati. Oh that'll make me miss home!! But Mom, look at me!! I am talking like a foreigner! Did you ever think I’d be talking like this, over here learning all this that I’m learning? God really does love us. I know it Mom. He is blessing our family so much it's almost unfair. I know that as we continue in righteousness, the blessings just won't cease :)
Well, I’m going to shop! Gonna make those cookies this week :) I will get your email next week, and don't be sad please, it is my fault that I emailed early, but this is the day that works best for us and our areas. I love you soooooo much Mom. You are still my favorite Momma, and we will talk soon, very soon!! :)
With all the love in Earth and farther, Conner

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