An African Heart

An African Heart

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

March 20 letter to Sister

But wow - your life is busy!!!! You are really successful and achieving alot of things you want to do, and I am so dern proud of you Jessie!!! Ya, you are going to be fit! For us as missionaries, in the White Handbook (aka the White Bible) we are counseled to exercise for 30 minutes every morning. I do, and I think I am getting bigger muscles!! WOOT!! And guess what? In the missionary health guide, I read that the exercise we do (you included) gives more energy, better confidence, more happiness, and overall better health!! So you are definitely doing good things! But as far as all these blessings, I feel that they are largely coming from your temple attendance, which I admire hugely. You are so awesome and truly converted to make those regular temple trips. I know for a fact that that place is Heaven on Earth. Being away from the temple is wretched. This land needs one, but first these people need to LISTEN and ACT!!!! But really, you are awesome Jessie! I promise you this - I will come to a Zumba class if you are still teaching when I get home. ugh... I know I’ll regret that haha :)
Just a word of warning - don't get overloaded. You have ALOT of stuff. I trust you tho, and I have no worries. You will be successful and happy, and we are really starting to grow together, I can tell :) Ya you are already grown up, but me I’m just starting. And really, we are both just beginning life. With our foundations on Christ tho, we are immovable, secure, and above all else, happy. "... men [and women] are that they might have joy." :) 
STORYTIME!! We were walking around an area called "Mukuyuni" (Google Earth it haha) and walked into a home of a wealthy man named Nelson. We sat with him, talked, and eventually (and inevitably) got into the Gospel. We really got to talking, and he told a story of one time when he was in a matatu. It was driving, and he was going to get out the money to pay the driver. Suddenly he heard a voice in his head that said 'Move up a seat, put away the money, and put on your seat belt.' He decided to do it, and no less than a minute later, the matatu was rolling down a hill. He was safe because he listened. Three others in that matatu died, but he was safe because of that "voice". We Elders, so excited we could pee, told him what the voice was, and told him all about other things. We are going back to see him again soon :) WOO!! We only have one progressing investigator right now (mother of Karin, who was baptised recently), but we are on the Lord's time and errand. I am fasting and praying for this beautfiul area, and it is all God's will and the people's agency on what I do :)
I am jealous of your Utah trip but... I get to wash my clothes by hand so nyah nyah! Oh wait... that's not fun... well my only leverage is that I am on the most important mission of my entire life, helping the children of the Living God to realize what really matters in life - devotion and repentance through Jesus Christ, who lives!!
Love you forever Jessie, I will be emailing on Tuesday now. The next email to you I’ll put in Ben's :) Love you forever, talk to you soon :)
Love, Conner Bonner

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