An African Heart

An African Heart

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

March 27 letter to Dad

STORYTIME!!! You neeeeed to share this one too. We were in an area we hadn't been in, and we were walking to Mukuyuni. It was a loooong walk, like over 6 or 7 km. And it was HOT! We passed a house and a lady was outside. actually her husband and mtoto were too. But she welcomed us ("karibu!") and so when people do that we have no choice but to go greet them. So we went over and they invited us inside the home. I was sweating, alot, and I was a tad uncomfortable. But I "put on my happy face" (Spongebob) and we started talking. She mentioned that they were all Catholic, and they were baptized as babies. And then in my mind, a thought played out on its own. The thought was this: "maybe they have a child that died without being baptized..." So amid the chatter, I stopped the conversation short by pointing to their child and asking "Is this your only child?" "No we have five." I remained silent, and she began to explain. One, older and married. Same with number 2. Number three at college. Four, she stopped. I asked, "What about the fourth?" and in my mind I knew he had died at birth. "He passed away" she said. "At birth?" I asked. "Yes" she said. HOLY MOLY!! That is the rare time when the Holy Ghost literally speaks inspiration to the mind!!! We elaborated the plan of salvation and Moroni 8 about children, and they want to come to church. Unfortunately, they are not in my area, but we will follow up still :)
Cool, huh? :) Oh, I'M TRAINING!!!!!!!!!!!!! A GUY FROM UGANDA!!!!! Elder Arineitwa, I think. He gets here on Thursday :) WOWOOOOOOO!!!!! I am happy, and humbled big time. But I am short on time, I love you guys. Especially you, Mercedes [Dad’s note:  Mercedes is our cat]. Love you forever Dad, call you at the end of the next transfer :)
With eternal love, Conwad

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