An African Heart

An African Heart

Friday, June 8, 2012

Ben and Elder Arineitwe Email

Dear brother, We are doing good, we work really hard every day to help
others receive the restored Gospel. thank you for the reply to the
Email. Well AII is good here , its a rainy season and we are using
boots to handle the mad. Am so happy that you felt the spirit from a
distance. Well for me Like martial arts, While young I watched too
many art movies, Well that was when I was not yet a member but I think
that is what I grew up liking. Concerning wrestling. It will come as
you practice. Mission is good and you will be a good missionary some
day too. we will keep in  you in our prayers. We love you. On this
P.DAY we are having a zone activity. and I always love working out for
an extra   hour on the P days.

On 5/1/12, Benjamin Schneider <> wrote:
> Hello Habibu!
> How are you doing? I heard all about how you became a member the church and
> I also read the E-mail you sent to, Our father. I nearly cried when i heard
> both. I felt the spirit through that E-mail to my Dad, and I also felt your
> strong Testimony. I felt your testimony from thousands of miles away. Your
> letting your light shine to people on the other side of the world.  Way to
> go, brother.Thank you very much for your compliments to me and my family.
> It means a lot. Also, what kind of things do you like to do? What do you
> like to do on P-days? I heard that you taught Conrad some fighting stuff.
> If you don't mind, I'd love to learn. I need to know so that I'll be
> prepared when he comes back from his mission to wrestle me.
> Well, I'm gonna go now. See ya later! Have a good day, and may the spirit
> be with you!
>                - Ben

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