An African Heart

An African Heart

Friday, June 8, 2012

From Conrad to Ben


This'll give you a laugh. Well, there's this lil weedy guy that works at the petrol pump in Naitiri named Edward. He is a self-proclaimed pastor (which is the occupation of about 1/3 of the people here, literally not an exaggeration). So one day, we ride up on a piki piki that had to get gas before we left to an area and Edward goes, "Praise King Jesus!" So we were like, just looking at him. He says it again.  and again. and again. And finally his smile kinda fades, and quietly he goes, "Brothers, when i say 'Praise King Jesus', you are supposed to say, 'Amen!'. ok?" hahaha well, we said ok sure! Well last Thursday or so, we pull up again, and we're like, "Hey Edward!" and he smiles all big and goes, "Praise King Jesus!"
Us: "Amen."
"PRAISE King Jesus!"
"Yeah, amen."
"PRAISE KING JESUS!!!!!!" Basically, he got progressively louder and more psychotic until he was saying "PRAISE KING JESUS!!" like that "makes you feel good" guy from Dad's mission. Ask him about it.
So after Edward got done convulsing i was laughing my guts out at his craziness, and we drove off and it pretty much cheered me up nicely :)

Moral of the story? Well, if a crazy weedy guy who works at a gas station starts yellin' PRAISE KING JESUS, say Amen and run away.

Love you forever Benny. How is the summer going? And are you and Dan and Dad gonna build a parking garage for Momma? Or a greenhouse or a shed? I remember something like that...
Love you Benjamin. You are my hero. We are going to have a ripe ole' time wrestling when i get home :)
Love, Conrad

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