An African Heart

An African Heart

Thursday, June 28, 2012

From Elder Arineitwe

Dear Dad,
Thank you for that love and care, I miss Elder Schneider, I will write to him a letter this week. Thank you for telling me that Mum says hi. There some parts of Kenya that are a little hotter. Well, Yesterday was my birth day, that was soo cool. Heavenly Father has allowed me to see 22 years. My new companion is called Elder Law, He is also from Idaho, from Nampa town. I know there must be a reason why God gives me two companions from the same place in the start of my mission. can you guess Dad? Well that was some thing that am thinking about lately. He is a very good man too. so happy to have him. I have not yet got the package, Elder Schneider told me that he wuold send to me what you sent.
love you dad.

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