An African Heart

An African Heart

Thursday, June 28, 2012

From Elder Kagame, my other adopted son

Am so grateful for that wonderful mail you sent to me am very happy to
have you in my life and i promise i will always be a honest son to
you.Well i was transferred to Nairobi and my area is called Kasarani.
I was so happy to meet my brother in the APs flat it was a wonderful
time for me to meet Conrad again after six months he looks wonderful i
wish you can see him physically as i did indeed he is a grate
missionary. Thanks for being a grate father am sure everything Conrad
is doing here he learn t it from you. I will be happy to receive that
package and another thing i would love you to send me is an iPod full
of church music if possible because church music is one of the things
that makes me feel the spirit i will so grateful if you do that for me
dad. Wow for sure you have a wonderful family i wish one day i meet
each you and have fun together as a family? that will be so nice most
especially for me because it has been a long time since i had fun with
my family.
Anyway dad i wish you all the best and my God pour his blessings upon
you so that you will be able to take good care of us . Love you so
much and send my greetings to every one there .
OHHHH thanks very much for the pictures for sure i love you family
they are all awesome so how old is you daughter and your sons?
Well God be with you till we talk to each other next time
Elder Kagame.

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