An African Heart

An African Heart

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Regarding the horse photo Conrad referred to that I emailed him....

Check out this photo.  I love this horse.  I think he deserves a great pasture in Heaven, probably already has it.  But look at his feet!  He's on the tips of his hooves.  To me, it's a photographic metaphor for struggles and challenges.  We don't give up.  We weigh in to our burdens, put our heads down, dig our toes in and pull.  The Lord will then make our burdens light, but we do all we can.  There will come more challenges, there always does.  But we expect it, and we do the same thing.  Bow our heads in prayer first, then against the challenge before us.  I love that horse.  He does his duty even though there is a tremendous load.  He's noble.  He submits to the master.  He trusts the master.  It's interesting to think the Master has to know what that horse is capable of, and won't load him with more than he can pull, but the horse doesn't argue with the master, he just goes to work.   I just wanted to share this picture with you because I love it.  It inspires me and makes me think of strength, duty, nobility, devotion.  It makes me think of the Savior and the burden he carried.  How he obediently walked right in to his challenge and won.  I love you Conrad.  Keep your head bowed, put your weight against the harness, and go.  The Lord will help.  I love you tons!

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