An African Heart

An African Heart

Thursday, June 28, 2012

June 26


I have been grrrrrreat!!

The new area is amazing! The Kilungu Hills, and the name is extremely fitting. Actually, the name is an underestimation. These are mountains! And we climb them all day. I thought i was sweating in my last area... ha... ha... We climb these mountains to every appointment. This area is by far the most rural area. We literally wake up in a cloud every morning. By evening, the cloud comes back too. And it gets COLD! I LOVE IT!!! Yes, our flat is only 2 small rooms, but we share with the other Elders next door. Yes, we don't have a real toilet, we use a hole. BUT! I never have to worry about clogged toilets, or flushing, or... cold toilet seats... Yes, i still have to shower by bucket and basin, but i think that the shower is being repaired soon... i hope. It is seriously a memorable area, and i love it alot. You would not believe the scenery. and the people are sooo humble and nice. I am learning the language, Kikamba, and i am aiming to actually learn it fluently. I am on my way! Needless to say, it is going to make for a ton of memories :)

My companion is Elder Mkhungo from South Africa. He is a great guy and he is super fun and relaxed. We get along well, and when we teach i can feel that the Holy Ghost is drawing us together to teach. I really love this work and the great blessing i have to serve.

Pictures - they are coming. I am going to send home everything soon, probably when i visit Nairobi sometime soon.

I am happy to hear about Benny and his games. You gotta gimme stats and details - I WANT TO KNOW ABOUT COOL PLAYS HE MAKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And tell Jessica he wasn't the one. He sounds like a great man, but he wasn't the one. No worries! Hakuna matata! Give my consolation to Jessica ok? I love her so much. And tell Danny he needs to email me! i want to email him too, but he hasn't replied to any of mine! I wanna talk to him too cuz i FLIPPIN LOVE HIM.

Well Daddio, the picture you sent of the horse didn't pull up, and i don't know why. But can you add it again as an attachment and maybe it'll pull up? Because i want to see it really badly. Even print it off and get it laminated and hang it in our flat.

I love you dad. You never cease to be my best friend and support. Life is good here and time is flying! This is a precious gift to serve here. Just look at these pictures and imagine - I get to tread these beautiful hills daily and see all this amazing stuff. I get to serve the Lord and get blessings sent to these people and back to you all. Ahhh... Everything about this all is a blessing. Wanna hear a funny story? Ok!

STORYTIME!!!! I was using the hole in a shop, and as i was [thus engaged,] (*modification to original text by editor),  i saw a flash of white and something fell into the hole. I waited about 3 seconds and heard a *splat*, confirming that something had, indeed, fallen into the hole. Well, turned out to be my white handbook. Well no big deal right? WRONG! It had my mission ATM card, my Kenyan alien I.D. card, and about 1000 shilling. HAHAHAHA!!! Funny the kind of little trials we are allowed to suffer in life. Well, i wasn't worried. Everything can be replaced with time and all will be well :) Funny huh? When it fell and after it splatted, i just froze for like 10 seconds, ruminating on what had just occured. In my head, "...... yeah...... darnit.... that was important stuff...." We all got a good laugh out of it :)

Love you forever Dad. Life is great. Your son is working hard, and i am trying to do what i am supposed to do. Eh... It's not easy, but this will all be worth it. I know it with all my heart. We may have a few good baptisms lined up as well. Love you forever! With this training, i will be WAY ready for Long's Peak. It'll be a walk in the park, literally. Just wait for the pics :)

With eternal love from your first son,
Elder Schneider

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