An African Heart

An African Heart

Monday, June 18, 2012

From Elder Arinetiwe (Habibu) Conrad's Comp and my adopted son.

Dad, Am so happy at the glance of your reply that is cool that  the weather there is changing. there is a place in my district that has the same weather conditions. I do not mean that it snows there but it keeps switching thought the month. We are working hard [kabisa] kiswahili word meaning very much. YAH... the package finally got here, we were told. by some of Elder in the office that we have a package there we both were so happy. We are hoping to find it at the zone leader's flat. We are preparing for a baptism this week. the candidate is called Elizabeth. she is progressing well. this week we had the best spiritual experience ever, Last Saturday we went to see a less active member called Ben and his mother, we did not give them a call because all there phones were off. And My companion was the only person who knew the way to where Ben stays. He even was not quite sure. Off we went. I carefully followed in his foot steps with a question on the back of my mind, ." What if he does not remember, will we ever find Ben's house?" Then I choose to walk by faith not by sight. We when passed a small river with rocks on both ends that would allow us to cross uninterrupted. Finally after finding our way through a very tinny path, Ben's mother showed up. "welcome" she said. We talked for a while, doctrine was shared, testimonies were born, then at the end of the meeting Ben said. " you have inspired me." I thought that it was a great achievement for him to say that. Ben is also preparing to serve a mission but he had missed church for a while. He claims that he is so busy, we promised him to help with the garden work. He was happy. I think he felt we do care. then He also promised to come to church this Sunday. Time for returning home was near, We got out of their house and when we got to Mukuyini market, the weather changed, the clouds of rain filled the sky, the My companion suggested, " I feel like we should not go home now, well I do not know why but that is how I feel. I first thought, " why would he feel this way.?" then later I said to my self, " maybe it is the Spirit of the Lord causing him to feel such a way. I simply followed his feeling without knowing what lies a head. Soon clouds gathered and a heavy rain poured. We were afraid because it was raining and the road was soon to be so unfair. As the rain stopped a man came with his car and offered us a free ride home. What joy that filled my heart that I was able to recognize that my trainer's feeling was of the Holy Ghost and because  we both responded, Heavenly Father sent a car to take us home in that time when the road was bad.          

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