An African Heart

An African Heart

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

FIRST TRANSFER! Wednesday June 20th

This keyboard is broken and i wrote a HUGE message and it deleted it. So... I can try again haha.
As for the pictures, here is what we're gonna do. It is soemthing an Elder in my district does, and i am going to start it when i receive the next SD card in the package in Nairobi. So the SD card now, i will send it home in the journal that i am sending home for ytou all to read so that you can see the cool stories that i didn't tell. When i get the new SD card, i will probably take like... 5 or so pics a week, right? And a few videos? Well, weekly i will upload them to an email and send a few at a time every week. Sound good? And then i will also send the SD card home when it is full or when you give me another to use. That way you can get weekly pics.
I AM GOING TO KILUNGU!!!!!! Eastern Province, and VERY RURAL!!!!! We're talking most rural place in the mission man. No towns in the area or in the zone. So no supermarkets! We walk, there's not even many piki piki's. There are alot of mangos, and even wild animals there apparently! But not dangerous. My new companion is Elder Mkhungo from South Africa. Everyone has good things to say about him so i am hopeful. Either way, i will form my own opinion of him when i get there. But Kilungu... it is outside of Nairobi and it is rural. And i am excited :)
But as for leaving Naitiri, i just felt normal when i left. I felt like it was time to leave, and i wasn't exactly sad. But i was thinking, and i just want to know that i made a difference in these people's lives, and that i did something to build the Kingdom of God here. After the death of Spencer W. Kimball, Gordon B. Hinckley was relating something he said to him once. President Hinckley said, "I once tried to slow him down a little. He stopped me and said quietly, 'Gordon, my life is like my shoes - to be worn out in service.'" Dad, I want to be like President Kimball. I want to be so dedicated in body and Spirit, and especially will-power, that i serve and serve and serve until i literally can't, or there's no more to do. I want to become somebody who is 100% devoted to the Lord's work. I can't think of anything in life that would ever give me the satisfaction that serving the Lord does. Seriously, on reflection, my mind is totally devoted. But my body and will-power are weak! I have promised myself that in Kilungu, i am going to do EVERYTHING for others before I help myself. I will stay clean and hygienic, but i must serve harder if my Spirit is going to rest at the end of my mission, with the knowledge that i spent the Lord's sacred time well. When i do that, i will come home happily.
Dad, i want my life to be like my shoes - to be worn out in service. I have to Dad. My heart is so full of love for you and that family right now, and i have to tell you that i intend to serve the Lord forever. I simply can't find any other way to be happy like i know serving the Lord will make me. I know very few things Dad. I mean "know" as in, nothing in Earth nor Hell can shake me from it. But i know these things (and some others).
1. Wickedness never was happiness.
2. There is a God. He reigns supreme and He created everything.
3. The Book of Mormon is the word of God. Every time i read, no matter where i read or what i read, i find consolation and counsel. No Earthly book has ever come close to what i have read in that Book.
4. I know that family bonds are the strongest we make in this life.
5. I know the Church is true. Life without this church is a droning, aimless waste of sacred time in mortality.
6. I know that obedience is the only way to happiness and peace.
Those are some things i know for sure. I don't know much Dad, but i know those. I testify boldly in the name of Jesus Christ Himself that those are truths that will never pass away. There are much bigger things at work in this Universe than our jobs, school, money, possessions, etc. And i intend to be a part of the Eternal work forever. But i gotta start now. I love you so much Dad, and i want to make the Lord proud. I am so thankful that you are my dad, and i couldn't ask for more.  I love you forever, and please share those 6 truths with the family. Ben and Dan and Mom and Jess need to know that i know those things with every energy i can muster, and that i would labor a million years before i would deny any of those things. Those are truths i will die knowing. i love you Dad.

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