An African Heart

An African Heart

Monday, June 18, 2012

June 12th

Funny enough, this week i was studying in my room and i was trying to think hard. And i decided, i need to gain a witness of the truth in the same manner which i counsel investigators to: Read, ponder, and pray. So as i was reading, i felt like i should go read JSH. As i did, i just felt strongly that all this stuff couldn't last so long or go so far if it was fake. Joseph Smith MUST have seen Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. And that is amazing! And i also sat and wrote in my journal about all the stuff the Church and this Gospel has done for my life. And wow man! I encourage you to try it. Maybe for FHE. I was astounded. Like for example, it drew our family together; gave me direction for the future; gave me purpose; gave me a reason to live and grow and be better; gave me a reason to love everybody; and the list goes on and on and on! It was powerful, and at the end, i concluded - this Church is undeniably true. NOW, i know. And i am contented to say that i know because the Holy Ghost has proved it to my heart and mind. Ahh... happy sigh... now i know.
By the way, Elder Arineitwe's birthday is on June 25. I don't know if you guys wanna send him a lil' tiny package, or a card or something? Just a lil' treat.
By the way, this past week, my chest was hurting really bad when i swallowed and breathed deep. Well, a few phone calls and check-ups from the new couple missionaries later, and BOOM! I had trachial bronchitis!! I was on (am on) antibiotics. And man... we didn't even go work wednesday, thursday, or friday because i couldn't eat or walk without getting dizzy. It sucked man... But on the bright side, elder Arineitwe and I had some GREAT quality time while i was dying. Now the pain is basically gone, and "it's all good!"

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